cmyk Productions

Meet The Team

Josh Richardson


Josh has always valued creativity and imagination and when it comes to filmmaking he does not hold back. He is an aspiring filmmaker who directs with a passion and always keeps a firm grip on what an innovative project will look like and how to achieve it. He has Directed and Filmed many videos including the award winning “Maude Island” and award nominated “Remember” and pushes to add many awards to his name. He is always out to create something special, new, and inspiring.

Jamie Ruddick


Jamie’s Technical know-how is rivaled by very few. He is always looking for ways to improve upon methods and technique. He values the details, the small things that help form the big picture and make for amazing content. Jamie will give 100% into each and every project he works on, taking people’s advice and input to bring  imagination to life. Ask Jamie a question and he will know the answer.  

Wes Richardson


Wes has always had high standards on quality especially when it comes to his own material. He is a freight train of determination. If he wants something done right he won't rest until both he and the client are satisfied. Wes is a social media master, communicating with him is as easy as can be. If you want a video he will make it happen.