cmyk Productions

Make A Video

Sunday Sarah Production Plan (dragged).jpg

Step 1 - Brainstorming

Our inboxes are always open! Send us a message about your project and we will get to work brainstorming.


STEP 2 - Planning

This is where we will meet with you and discuss all the creative workings of the video. We work out the logistics of the production including storyboards.

Sunday Sara Story Boards With Notes (dragged).jpg

STEP 3 - Filming

Filming is where the real excitement  takes place. Bringing your creative vision to life with the dedicated cmyk Team.


STEP 4 - Editing

After filming is wrapped, we take the footage to our editing suite to cut and colour the video until its quality is to our satisfaction. 

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STEP 5 - Release

When editing is complete, it is time to release the finished product. This includes making promotional material and uploading the video to Youtube for the world to see.



(Watch the completed video below)