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It is an easy assumption to say, at the age of twenty-one, endeavors are a mere surface scratch to the entirety of one’s corporeality lifespan. Toes have been dipped in the waters of trial and triumph, yet a quarter of a life hardly merits a badge of prolific feat. It is an easy assumption to say, at the age of twenty-one, one does not yet know who they are. It is easy to assume. 

Alexandria’s debut EP Just Another Girl was a project spanning several years, which finally came to fruition in the spring of 2012. Production for the album took place in the critical years of adolescence; thus, the album, marking an epoch of her personal and creative evolution, helped cultivate the musical kindling of her forthcoming sophomore release. It is evident, at the age of twenty-one, Alexandria carries herself in song and spirit beyond her years.

A family of the non musically-inclined proved Alexandria’s acute passion of the sonic intellect was very much an organic occurrence. Sanctuary was in a pen and paper; at the age of ten under one of the many taupe roofs Alexandria grew to call home, she wrote her first song. Shortly after, Alexandria was presented with two prodigious performance opportunities overseas in Europe and Africa that would cement her calling in pursuing music.

A decade of performance experience in tow, and Alexandria, at the age of twenty-one, carries with her a humbling resume, including: Placing songs with international artists (“Revolution” by Stefanie Heinzmann) and TV/film placements (Young and the Restless, MTV’s Life of Jenks); winning several competitions (We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter Awards, Shore 104.3’s Best of BC $10,000 grant); being featured on various music platforms (American Airlines In-Flight Entertainment, MTV and Ourstage’s “Needle in the Haystack” feature, Virgin Radio’s “Best of BC” program, Peak Performance Project Top 20 finalist, Canadian Musician Magazine, Oprah Winfrey’s “World’s Most Smartest and Talented Kids” feature); performing at festivals throughout Canada (CMW, Rifflandia) as well as opening for more established local acts (Hey Ocean, Daniel Wesley, Jann Arden).

The current chapter of Alexandria’s odyssey saturates her soon-to-subsist secondary release, with novel narratives derived from latter-day love, loss and life lessons. The candor in her words could easily resonate with both proletariats and puritans, and speaks to the carriers of blemished hearts, wide-eyed optimists and those who identify as Wallflowers. 2014 will mark a major milestone in Alexandria’s life, embarking to foreign lands co-inciding with the extensive promotion of her future release to strengthen her local, national and international presence.

At the age of twenty-one, Alexandria is.



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What Was your experience like shooting with cmyk?

Jamie and Josh are fantastic to work with. They take their craft seriously but also have a tendency to break in to laughing fits. They have tons of character and have an impeccable eye when it comes to getting a fantastic shot. They are by far my favourite boys to work with, because they believe in my vision, and I believe in theirs. It’s a healthy relationship.


What was your favourite part of shooting with cmyk?

I’ve shot three videos with CMYK as of current. Our latest shoot, we had several naked lights in the scene to give the video a pretty soft, dare I say illuminating feel. We shot the video in a large room a university and overlooked the fact that there were few outlets to plug in to and we did not equip ourselves with extension cords. It was funny, though, as I think they ended up finding like a mother load of extension cords in one of the other rooms.


How important are music videos to your career?

Videos are an integral part of an artist’s entity. We are the generation of taste-makers, our ability to choose in a matter of seconds if someone’s art is worth integrating in to our lives. We are blunt and distracted, and do not mince words with our preference in music. Sonically, you are limited to the judgemental ears that have no gauge or reference as to who you are. To marry a video with a song gives the music a visual silhouette, allowing the listener and intrigued mind more insight in to the full scale of what your genius is. Music is so much more than a good feeling. A good artist should know what their music looks like if it had a presence, and if it were a day, what that day would look like. 


What is next for your career?

Music. Videos. Album Release. Tour. Videos. Music. More Videos. Perhaps not in that order necessarily. It never stops, and there is always a next.