cmyk Productions




What is cmyk?

cmyk Productions is a Vancouver, B.C. based film company specializing in music videos. With a film and music-loving team we have an edge on our competition due to the passion we bring to each project. cmyk emphasizes and encourages artists to bring a vision, and work in with them to help attain the artist's dream video. Artists work together with the directors in the planning and filming of every music video. This way cmyk can give each artist the freedom and control that they deserve in developing a key promotional tool for their career. cmyk was started in summer of 2014 by Josh Richardson, Jamie Ruddick and Wes Richardson. The core of cmyk has been simplicity, aiming to bring clients a simple, straightforward route to getting their music video created. Making music videos doesn't have to be a long and stressful process. It can be fun. cmyk makes industry quality music videos of the highest caliber, striving to facilitate creation in its purest form: Simply imagination.

Who is cmyk?

Josh Richardson

Josh has always valued creativity and imagination and when it comes to filmmaking he does not hold back. He is a filmmaker who creates with a passion and always keeps a firm grip on what an innovative project will look like and how to achieve it. Josh received his Bachelors Degree in Motion Picture Arts in 2016 and graduated with distinction. He has also been the Marketing Videographer for Banff Centre. Josh is always out to create something special, new, and inspiring.

Wes Richardson

Wes has always had high standards on quality especially when it comes to his own material. If he wants something done right he won't rest until both he and the client are satisfied. Wes is a social media master, communicating with him is as easy as can be. If you want a video he is the person that will make it happen.